Loftus Electric is a Tesla Certified Installer/vprovider for TESLA’s electric vehicle chargers and supports all other EV manufacturers. We are a Level 2 and Level 3 installor for residential, multi-unit and commercial installations. We support battery back solutions for both residential and commercial applications.


Wall Connector is the most convenient charging solution for houses, apartments, hospitality properties and workplaces, Loftus Electric is a Certified Tesla installer.

With up to 44 miles of range added per hour of charging, multiple power settings, and a versatile indoor/outdoor design, Wall Connector provides unparalleled convenience.

Wall Connectors can power-share to maximize existing electrical capacity, automatically distributing power to charge multiple cars simultaneously.

If you are a developer, manager or owner of commercial real estate and interested in purchasing more than 12 Wall Connectors Contact us so we can get you special pricing.


A 30% Federal tax credit is available for most customers in the US. Please consult with your tax professional regarding IRS form 8911.

Find additional local incentives here.

Installation Guidance

Tesla Wall Connector must be installed by a qualified electrician. Loftus Electric is a Tesla Certified Installer

Why you should use a Certified Tesla Installer

  • Registered with Tesla should there be any warranty issues
  • Government tax credit and utility rebates assistance
  • Trained installers using factory approved equipment, materials and training
  • Warranty and support
TESLA’s electric vehicle chargers multi-unit and commercial installations.

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