5 Tips on Parking Lot Lighting

Are you considering installation or upgrades for your parking lot lighting? A well-lit commercial property provides a welcoming space for your clients. It also promotes employee and visitor safety by preventing accidents and deterring criminal activity. Our expert commercial electricians share 5 important points to consider when formulating an efficient parking lot lighting plan.
1. Evaluate your needs or current lighting: Intensity, uniformity, color, energy-efficiency and cost are important aspects of lighting design. For existing lighting, survey the light levels to determine what changes need to be made.
2. Determine how much light is adequate: This is largely dependent on the type of business you run. An auto dealership and retail complex might want brighter parking lot lights than an office building that is largely unused after-hours.
3. Maintain uniformity: Typically, the distance between lighting fixtures is responsible for uneven lighting. Presence of trees and other types of landscaping can also make the task more difficult. Your commercial electrician might have some suggestions on how to overcome landscaping obstacles. For existing lights, map out high and low illumination areas to pinpoint where changes are required.
4. Consider cost-efficient LED lighting: LED lamps start up instantly and provide up to 100,000 hours of light. They can be replaced easily, and the design flexibility supports retrofitting fixtures to existing poles. In addition to maintaining consistent light intensity and temperatures for the lifespan of the lights, you also get added safety with shock and vibration resistant fixtures.
5. Invest in surge protection: Your commercial electrician can identify and install the right surge protection device (SPD) which will withstand spikes and save you thousands of dollars in damages to your newly-installed parking lot lighting.

At Loftus Electric we offer tailored solutions to install or upgrade parking lot lighting in your commercial or industrial facility. Efficiency, safety and creating a good impression on your customers form the basis of our lighting plans.

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